Patagonia’s Ice field trek

ARG-10 / 11-day triptrip International Shared Group Departure / Grade: T3-T4

Patagonia’s Ice Field Trek

Patagonia’s ice field, known as “Hielo Continental Patagonico” in Spanish, is the third biggest ice mass in the world. It is more than 400 km long and 100 km wide, located in the heart of the Patagonian region, which creates a natural border between Argentina and Chile. This unique place in South America provides one of the best experiences for people who like to trek in remote areas and get a taste for vast nature.

Our Patagonia Ice Field Trek starts on the green Eastern side of the Andes, ascending though valleys decorated with deep blue lakes and gigantic rock faces, passing over into the ice field, a barren but beautiful icecap! An experience than can only be compared to Antarctica or Greenland.

This trip is one of our adventure programs, where the members will be an active part of the logistics; trekking with all their equipment, helping carrying supplies (like food) and participating in setting up campsite and melting water. The reward for this work is traveling in a wild place and seeing one of the most spectacular places on earth: the Patagonian granite spires and wind shaped ice mushrooms. For this trip we have a great team of guides with experience in this type of terrain and all the needed technology for safety as satellite communications, GPS, etc.

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime trip!

Day 1 Arrival in Patagonia
Day 2 Perito Moreno’s glacier
Day 3 Chalten and trek to Piedra del Fraile
Day 4 Laguna de los 14
Day 5 Marconi Mountain Pass
Day 6 Circo de los Altares
Day 7 Laguna Ferrari (Refuge)
Day 8 El Paso del Viento
Day 9 Pliegue Tumbado pass – Chalten
Day 10 Reserve day in case of bad weather
Day 11 El Calafate – Departure
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