Welcome to the Amazonas!

The vast Amazonas region in Colombia covers around 35 % of the territory in the southern part of the country.

A great place and one of the unique places to visit in the Amazonas is Leticia and Puerto Nariño. Few places on earth you will find so vibrant and at the same time peaceful and authentic native communities. A journey up along the Amazonas Rivers is mindblowing. It offers the unique possibility to experience the Indian Communities of Peru and Colombia on each side of the river and explore the Amazon flora and fauna.

Classical Amazonas tour

COL-65 / 5-day Trip

Amazonas (+)

This “Classical” Amazonas tour implies visits to the most outstanding highlight in the Colombian Amazonas in the area between Leticia and Puerto Nariño. It includes one night in Leticia in a comfortable hotel, two nights in the ecolodge, Calanoa, and finally, a charming hotel night in the very authentic Puerto Nariño – famous for its sustainable living.

Day 1Arrival to Leticia
Day 2
Calanoa Lodge: Visit Monkey rescue Center and an indigenous community
Day 3
Visit to Isla Cacao and Tarapoto Lake
Day 4
Visit the indigenous community of San Martin. Night in Puerto Nariño
Day 5Departure

Communitarian tourism at the Amazon

Indigenous communities and wildlife

COL-66 / 5-day Trip

In this proposal for an Amazonas trip, there is a particular focus on sustainable practices and the involvement of the local communities. The hotels are all owned and driven by locals from the indigenous communities. Most guides are local, and their income contributes directly to the local native population.

Despite supporting a good cause, this tour is a unique opportunity to experience life in the native communities and observe the vibrant flora and fauna.

The tour takes place along the Amazonas, and navigating on this fantastic river is just mindblowing, and the sense of exploring the stunning life in and on the river is impressive.

Day 1Arrival at Leticia
Day 2Visit monkey rescue Center and the indigenous community Mocagua.
Day 3Indigenous community San Martin
Day 4Visit to Isla Cacao and Tarapoto Lake
Day 5Departure

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