Aconcagua & Vallecitos

ARG-01 / 21-day Trip / Grade: PD

PEAKS: Cerro Loma Blanca (3664 m) > Cerro Adolfo Calle (4267 m) > Cerro Vallecitos (5461 m) > Aconcagua (6962 m)

Aconcagua & Vallecitos 1

Aconcagua, located in the Andes mountain range, is the highest mountain in the Americas and also in the Southern and Western Hemispheres. It is also the second highest of the Seven Summits (The highest peaks of each continent), after Mount Everest. Aconcagua is located in Argentina, in the province of Mendoza, very near the Chilean border.

The origins of its name still remains a uncertain, but one of the most accepted theories is the one pointing at Quechua language: Ackon Cahuak, which translates “stone sentinel” or Ancho Cahuac meaning “white sentinel”.

Out itinerary on Aconcagua follows the ‘Normal Route’ along the Northwest Ridge, which is a non-technical ascent, but a demanding trek with altitude being the biggest concern. Our program has a special emphasis on archiving a solid acclimatization prior to the summit attempt; therefore we begin in the Vallecitos Valley, which offers a wide repertoire of peaks that range from 3000 to almost 6000 meters, being an excellent place to gain high altitude while enjoying some fun climbs!




Jan. 4 - 24, 2022Not confirmedSpaces available
Jan. 4 - 24, 2023Not confirmedSpaces available


NOTE: The departure will be guaranteed with a minimum of 3 persons and can have up to 12 people.

Day 1 Arrival in Mendoza – Argentina (747 m)
Day 2 Vallecitos Valley (2727 m)
Day 3 Climb: Cerro Loma Blanca (3664 m)
Day 4 Vega Superior Campsite (3450 m)
Day 5 Climb: Cerro Adolfo Calle (4267 m)
Day 6 Acclimatization to El Salto (4288 m)
Day 7 El Salto Campsite (4288 m)
Day 8 Climb: Cerro Vallecitos (5461 m)
Day 9 Penitentes (2630 m)
Day 10 Confluencia Camp (3409 m)
Day 11 Plaza de Mulas (4364 m)
Day 12 Plaza de Mulas – Free/rest day
Day 13 Plaza Canada – Camp I (4910 m)
Day 14 Nido de Condores – Camp II (5574 m)
Day 15 Camp Colera / Berlin – Camp III (5969 m)
Day 16 Climb: Cerro Aconcagua (6962 m)
Day 17 Spare summit day
Day 18 Spare summit day
Day 19 Descent back to base camp
Day 20 Back to Mendoza
Day 21 Departure

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