Ojos del Salado 6893 m

ARG-20 / 16-day Trip / Grade: PD

PEAKS: Cerro Coquenas (4048 m), Cerro Morocho Chico (4485 m), Cerro Falso Morocho (4577 m), Nevado San Francisco (6016 m) & Ojos del Salado (6893 m)

Ojos del Salado 6893 m

The Ojos del Salado is the highest volcano in the world and the second summit of Americas after the Aconcagua. It is located in the north of Argentina, in the Catamarca region, one of the areas of greater elevation of the Andes and that houses 20 or more 6000 meters volcanoes.
As the volcanic activity is quite recent, it is classified as a neovolcano and there is still minor activity on the peak. Ojos del Salado is a border mountain and can be climbed from both Argetina and Chile. The ascent is classified as altitude trek, but usually have to deal with the strong winds which plagues the area and altitude. It is a twin peak and the Chileans claim the west peak to be the highest. The Argentines usually say the two peaks are of “almost the same height and it does not really matter which one you climbed”.

Our Ojos del Salado’s program is climbed from the Argentinean side, a much less frequented route that the Chilean one, with rewards of a more pristine and adventurous mountain. The itinerary is designed to archive the best possible acclimatization before the summit bid, ascending other interesting summits as: Cerro Coquenas (4048 m), Cerro Morocho Chico (4485 m) and Cerro Falso Morocho (4577 m). On top of these two summits, we have included Nevado San Francisco (6016 m), which will provide a prefect preparation for our main goal.

Day 1 Arrival in La Rioja (515 m) – Argentina
Day 2 Cortaderas (3300 m)
Day 3 Climb: Cerro Coquenas (4048 m)
Day 4 Climb: Cerro Morocho Chico (4485 m)
Day 5 Climb: Cerro Falso Morocho (4577 m)
Day 6 Acclimatization to Nev. San Francisco – camp I (5200 m)
Day 7 Nevado San Francisco – camp I (5200 m)
Day 8 Climb: Nevado San Francisco (6016 m)
Day 9 Ojos del Salado base camp (5360 m)
Day 10 Acclimatization to Ojos del Salado – camp I (5757 m)
Day 11 Ojos del Salado – camp I (5757 m)
Day 12 Climb: Ojos del Salado (6893 m)
Day 13 Spare summit day
Day 14 Fiambala
Day 15 La Rioja
Day 16 Departure
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