Guajira Desert

COL-57 / 3-day Trip

COL-57 / Guajira Desert

Guajira is the northernmost point of Colombia and South America. It’s a vast swath of barren sea and sand, and home to the indigenous Wayuu people.

Reaching this remote desert peninsula is a real adventure, and the journey will be done in 4×4 jeeps across the desert. The character of the journey is everything between fun and arduous, but when reaching South America’s most northerly point all hardships are easily forgotten, as you will be blown away by the stunning simplicity of it all. Pink flamingoes, mangrove swamps, sand-dune beaches and tiny Wayuu settlements dot the vast emptiness of this most magnificent and little-visited corner of Colombia.

During this 3-day trip we will visit different beaches, small Rancherias where the locals live, the Manaure Salt mine, Cabo la Vela and Punta Gallina. This trip is an adventure trip with basic comforts, but rich in authentic “never-seen-before” experiences.

Despite the very basic infrastructure this trip is planned to be as comfortable as possible. The tour is always done in private services, and you will sleep in the best possible hotels in private rooms with bath. The program is also flexible–weather conditions and special interests of the clients are always taken into account during the planning of the trip.

Day 1 Punta Gallinas
Day 2 Cabo de la Vela
Day 3 Cabo de la Vela – return