Caribbean Beaches

At Andes World Travel we are very excited to introduce you to the ruggedly spectacular and relatively undiscovered Caribbean Coast. The coastline is over 1800 km long and is home to the country’s best beaches.

We believe there is the right beach for everyone, no matter if you prefer the rarely visited Punta Gallinas with its massive dunes or the archipelago of Providencia with isolated beaches.

These are just some of our Colombian beach favorites: Sanguare, Providencia and Guajira Desert.


COL-55 / 4-day Trip

Sanguare is a natural reserve in Golfo de Morrosquillo located on the oceanfront. Due to its remote location, a 3-hour drive from Cartagena, the floury sand and pristine beach, the excellent food and great installations, Sanguare is close to being a perfect beach lodge.

But this is more than just a beach lodge: It’s also dedicated to preserving and recuperating the dry forest and the natural habitats. During a stay at Sanguare you can spend time on the beach, visit the mangroves by kayac and do some hiking in the dry forest. Biking and bird watching is also an option. One of the greatest highlights at Sanguare is the boat trip to the San Bernado Islands and the tour to the bioluminescent plankton.

Day 1 Cartagena – Sanguaré
Day 2 Sanguaré
Day 3 Sanguaré
Day 4 Sanguaré – Cartagena

Providencia Island

COL-59 / 4-day Trip

Caribbean Beaches

Providencia Island is a wonderfully remote and traditional Caribbean island with breathtaking scenery, gorgeous golden-sand beaches, friendly locals and superb diving. It is located 90km north of San Andrés, near Nicaragua.

Due to its remote location, Providence Island is still a paradise far from the package-holiday crowd. Without a direct connection to the Colombian mainland, the island hasn’t seen nearly the same levels of cultural invasion as San Andrés, leaving its traditions and customs more or less intact. You’ll still hear the local English Creole spoken all over the island, and road signs direct you with the old English names for towns, rather than their Spanish equivalents. All this combined with gorgeous topography standing sentinel over swaths of turquoise-blue sea gives Providencia no small claim to being paradise.

Please be aware, that flights to Providencia have a weight restriction of 10 KG per PAX check-in luggage and 5 KG hand-luggage per PAX. We recommend to store extra luggage in the airport in Bogota or hotel in Cartagena, if returning back.

Important to have in mind that the flight between San Andres and Providencia islands has limited spaces, therefore we advise to book well in advance to secure the places. Also important to make sure the flights from the continent arrive before the last flight to Providencia and allows enough time for the connection.

Day 1 Bogotá/Cartagena – San Andrés – Providencia
Day 2 Providencia Island
Day 3 Providencia Island
Day 4 Providencia – San Andrés – Cartagena/Bogotá

Guajira Desert

COL-57 / 3-day Trip

COL-57 / Guajira Desert

Guajira is the northernmost point of Colombia and South America. It’s a vast swath of barren sea and sand, and home to the indigenous Wayuu people.

Reaching this remote desert peninsula is a real adventure, and the journey will be done in 4×4 jeeps across the desert. The character of the journey is everything between fun and arduous, but when reaching South America’s most northerly point all hardships are easily forgotten, as you will be blown away by the stunning simplicity of it all. Pink flamingoes, mangrove swamps, sand-dune beaches and tiny Wayuu settlements dot the vast emptiness of this most magnificent and little-visited corner of Colombia.

During this 3-day trip we will visit different beaches, small Rancherias where the locals live, the Manaure Salt mine, Cabo la Vela and Punta Gallina. This trip is an adventure trip with basic comforts, but rich in authentic “never-seen-before” experiences.

Despite the very basic infrastructure this trip is planned to be as comfortable as possible. The tour is always done in private services, and you will sleep in the best possible hotels in private rooms with bath. The program is also flexible–weather conditions and special interests of the clients are always taken into account during the planning of the trip.

Day 1 Punta Gallinas
Day 2 Cabo de la Vela
Day 3 Cabo de la Vela – return