Tropical Snow Peaks & Lost City

COL-16 / 15-day trip / Grade: F, T2

Climb: Nevado del Tolima (5221 m)
Trek: Lost City

Tropical Snow Peaks & Lost City 1

The Tropical Snow Peaks and Lost City program combines active and cultural experiences, on an itinerary that provides a good picture of Colombia’s cultural and natural diversity.

The program goes from the metropolitan atmosphere of Bogotá, to the remote snowcapped volcanoes of the central Andes, and down to the tropical rain forest and archeological ruins of the lost City, ending on the beautiful beaches of the Colombian Caribbean coast.

Trip’s highlights:

– 5-day climb of the snowcapped Tolima volcano (5221 m), situated in Los Nevados National Park on the central Andes range. In addition to the climb, the coffee culture enriches the experience and can be enjoyed in the town of Salento, right in the heart of Colombia’s traditional coffee area.

– 4-day trek to La Ciudad Perdida of the Tayronas, known as “The Lost City”, one of the best restored and preserved archeological sites in the country. It is located in the Buritaca valley in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the highest costal range in the world.

– Tayrona National Park and Caribbean beach lodge. To end this amazing program, there will be a visit to the famous Tayrona park with a easy gentle walk to enjoy some of Colombia’s best beaches.

Day 1 Arrival in Bogotá (2660 m)
Day 2 Bogotá – City tour
Day 3 Bogotá – Salento (1919 m) – Coffee tour
Day 4 Trekking: “La Argentina” farm (3483 m)
Day 5 Trekking: “La Primavera” farm (3769 m)
Day 6 Trekking: Tolima’s high camp (4345 m)
Day 7 Climb: Tolima Volcano (5221 m)
Day 8 Trekking: Salento (1919 m)
Day 9 Armenia/Pereira – Santa Marta
Day 10 Pick-up – Trekking: “Donde Adan” lodge (480 m)
Day 11 Trekking: “El Paraiso” lodge (800 m)
Day 12 Trekking: Lost City (1320 m)
Day 13 Trekking: El Mamey (150 m) – End of trek
Day 14 Tayrona National Park
Day 15 Departure
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