Walking in Colombia

COL-24-LT / 17-day trip / Grade: T2

Culture: Bogotá, Boyaca, Tatacoa desert, San Agustin, Popayan, Salento & Coffee Farm in Manizales
Light Trekking: Paramo of Oceta, Cocora Valley & Los Nevados National Park

Walking in Colombia 2

Walking in Colombia focus on the Andean region, combining cultural and trekking activities along the itinerary. The program starts visiting the charming state of Boyaca, north from the capital, which has some of the best-preserved colonial town still keeping their traditional way of life. Here we find a hidden jewel called Paramo de Ocetá, a relatively unknown highland with a fantastic circular hike through pristine nature.

Then we will travel back in time to the archeological sites of San Agustin and its beautiful natural sceneries in the Souther Huila’s state with landscapes ranging from desert to green highlands. We also will enjoy the traditional city of Popayan on our way to the Coffee area. At last, we will experience first-hand the coffee production, trek in the Los Nevados National park and enjoy the relaxing towns and landscapes that make this a-must-see in a trip to Colombia.

Trip’s highlights:

– Boyaca’s colonial towns

– Hike in Paramo de Ocetá in Boyaca.

– San Agustin archeological sites.

– Coffee area and the Cocora valley.

– Trek in Los Nevados National Park.

Day 1 Arrival in Bogotá
Day 2 Bogotá – City tour
Day 3 Boyacá’s bridge & colonial towns of Nobsa & Monguí
Day 4 Trekking: Paramo of Ocetá
Day 5 Guatavita lake, Zipaquirá’s salt cathedral & Bogota
Day 6 Neiva – Tatacoa Desert
Day 7 San Agustin
Day 8 San Agustín’s archeological Parks
Day 9 Popayan
Day 10 Salento
Day 11 Cocora Valley
Day 12 Salento – El Cedral and trek to “La Pastora” (2460 m)
Day 13 Trekking: “El Jordan” farm (3195 m)
Day 14 Trekking: El Otun Lake (3933 m)
Day 15 Trekking: “Campo Alegre” farm (3970 m) – Coffee farm
Day 16 Coffee farm: Coffee tour
Day 17 Manizales/Pereira airport – Flight to Bogotá and onward international connection
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