Los Nevados: Classic trail

COL-33 / 6-day trip / Grade: T2

Los Nevados: Classic trail

Los Nevados National Park is located in the central Andes mountain range, in the traditional coffee area of Colombia. The protected area covers an area 583 km2 and four states: Caldas, Risaralda, Quindio and Tolima. There are three major snow capped volcanoes: Nevado del Ruiz (5321 m), Nevado del Tolima (5221 m) and Nevado del Santa Isabel (4965 m) and several alpine lakes and amazing colourful landscapes.

Our 6-day program trekking the classic trail to the Otun lake, the biggest water mass in the park and then over the high pass of La Asomadera and down to the farming area of Corinto, is one of the most popular itineraries in the National Park. The trek starts at El Cedral and follows the Otun river, ascending various ecosystems up to the “paramo” area. The close contact with the local population, provides a good insight into the traditional life of these remote regions.
To end this active program, there is a final day at a productive coffee Hacienda with world-class coffee and perfect spot to rest and enjoy the wonderful weather!

Day 1 Pereira – Trek: “La Pastora” (2460 m)
Day 2 Trekking: “El Jordan” farm (3195 m)
Day 3 Trekking: El Otun Lake (3933 m)
Day 4 Trekking: “Campo Alegre” farm (3970 m) – Coffee farm
Day 5 Coffee farm: Coffee tour
Day 6 Manizales

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