COL-45 / 16-day trip

Colombia’s Nature & Culture Mosaic 1

On this trip you will enjoy some of Colombia’s greatest and most iconic natural wonders, while experiencing the colorful patchwork of cultures that have developed in the different parts of the country.

Each region visited in this trip is very unique, and we will take you from Highland to Lowland, to historical towns, vibrant cities and remote villages. The tour starts in Bogota, then continues to the iconic natural phenomena known as the river of five colors, or Caño Cristales. From here we head to the lush green coffee area where we will visit Cocora Valley and learn all about coffee growing. We then head to the Caribbean, where we will visit some of the country’s best beaches in Tayrona Natural park and the legendary city of Cartagena. The journey ends with a few days at a very idyllic beach lodge with a great private beach far from the crowds.

The tour starts and ends in Bogota’s international airport.

Day 1 Arrival in Bogotá
Day 2 Bogotá – Full day city tour
Day 3 Caño Cristales
Day 4 Caño Cristales
Day 5 Caño Cristales
Day 6 Coffee Area & Salento
Day 7 Cocora Valley
Day 8 Coffee tour
Day 9 Santa Marta & city tour
Day 10 Tayrona Natural Park
Day 11 Cartagena & city walk
Day 12 Cartagena & city tour
Day 13 Caribbean beaches
Day 14 Caribbean beaches
Day 15 Caribbean beaches
Day 16 Departure

– There are no flights guaranteed on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays from Bogotá. We will check availability upon request. 

– The flights to Macarena have a weight restriction of 10 KG check-in luggage and 5 KG hand-luggage per PAX. We recommend to store the spare luggage at the hotel.

– Due to the strict control of the park authorities, the visits mentioned below are only guidelines. The exact visits and the order will be determined upon arrival to Macarena.

– Since May 2016 it is mandatory to have the yellow fever vaccination certificate to enter the park, please make sure to bring it along.

– Due to new local indigenous communities’ regulations from 2022 the Tayrona National Park will close three times a year in the following periods:

* February 1st to 15th
* June 1st to 15th
* October 19th to November 2nd

COVID-19: Due to the current pandemic, please take the dates above as a guideline, as they might come more restriction according to the National Health institute and/or indigenous local authorities.

If you are planning your trip around these dates, please confirm with us the closure dates as they might change from year to year.

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