COL-49 / 16-day trip

Diverse Colombia

Colombia has it all and during this trip you will get to visit a bit of everything. This trip starts in the vibrant capital of Bogota with an interesting city tour. From here we head east to the coffee area where we will experience to stay on a real coffee farm and also visit a amazing Orchid Farm. After some days between green mountains and valleys, we will head to Medellin, one of the most beautiful and modern towns of Colombia.
After discovering Medellin we will take a small charter plane, across the jungle, to Nuqui at the Pacific Coast. Nuquí is located in the pacific coast of Colombia in one of the most bio-diverse regions on earth. The lodge in Nuqui is surrounded by a lush tropical rainforest and your visit includes hikes and walks according to your physical capacities and preferences. If you are here around July – October, it is possible to do whale watching.
Afterwards we will head north to the Caribbean!
Flight to Santa Marta and 2 nights in this charming coastal town. Then continue to the Tayrona Area just below the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and well known for being home to some of the most amazing beached in South America. After some days at the Tayrona area we will continue the colorful and charming Cartagena, where salsa rhythms are part of daily life.

Day 1 Arrival in Bogotá
Day 2 Bogotá – Full day city tour
Day 3 Coffee Hacienda & Coffee tour
Day 4 Orchid tour at “La Romelia” farm
Day 5 Medellín
Day 6 Medellín – city tour
Day 7 Pacific Coast – Nuquí
Day 8 Pacific Coast – Nuquí
Day 9 Pacific Coast – Nuquí
Day 10 Flight to Santa Marta 
Day 11 Santa Marta & City tour 
Day 12 Tayrona National Park
Day 13 Tayrona National Park
Day 14 Cartagena & City walk
Day 15 Cartagena & City tour
Day 16 Departure

– Please be aware, that flights to Nuqui have a weight restriction of 10 KG check-in luggage and 5 KG hand-luggage per PAX. We recommend to store extra luggage at the hotel in Medellin or Bogota.

– Important to have in mind that the flights to Nuqui have limited spaces, therefore we advise to book well in advance to secure the places.

– Due to new local indigenous communities’ regulations from 2022 the Tayrona National Park will close three times a year in the following periods:

* February 1st to 15th
* June 1st to 15th
* October 19th to November 2nd

COVID-19: Due to the current pandemic, please take the dates above as a guideline, as they might come more restriction according to the National Health institute and/or indigenous local authorities.

If you are planning your trip around these dates, please confirm with us the closure dates as they might change from year to year.

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