Los Llanos

COL-60 / 4-day Trip

Hidden Treasures

Los Llanos is a vast area of an endless ocean of green grasslands Southeast from Bogota. It is teeming with wildlife and home to more than 100 species of mammals and more than 700 species of birds, as well as to some of the most endangered species on Earth, including the Orinoco crocodile, the Orinoco turtle, giant armadillo, giant otter, black-and-chestnut eagle and several species of catfish.

The flat, grassy plains make this region ideal for cattle grazing. The Colombian cowboys (Los Llaneros) spend long hours herding cattle on huge ranches, some of which are thousands of hectares in size. This very unique setting has created a unique culture with its own music and traditions–very different from “mainstream” Colombia. The local population is associated with their distinctive straw hats, rodeos, the joropo dance and their folk music known as “música llanera”. During this tour you are will visit a real rancho adapted to receive tourism.

Day 1 Yopal: Juan Solito Farm
Day 2 Wildlife Safari
Day 3 Hato Aurora and Ranching
Day 4 Departure from Juan Solito

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