Cocuy’s Classic Western Trails

COL-83 / 7-day trip / Grade: T2-3

SN Cocuy: Classic Western trails

La Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, or Güicán y Chita as it is known among mountain hikers, extends from North to South on the Eastern mountain branch of the Andes range, continuing into Venezuela where it disappears into the Caribbean sea.

This high altitude mountain range, is one of the most important areas for mountain climbing in the country, having 22 summits above 5000 meters divided by two parallel ranges (23 km long) that create rich and diverse valleys, both from a biological and a geological point of view. These valleys are divided by several mountain passes between 3900 – 4850 m of altitude, making it an ideal place for outdoor activities.

This program has been design incorporating some nice and panoramic acclimatizations hikes outside the National park and also the only 3 open trails within the park’s area. All the activities are day-hikes and the idea is that the trekkers will be out hiking during the day and will spend all nights at rustic local farm/lodges/huts out side the park’s boundaries.
The trekking is graded is between T2-3, not because they are difficult, but due to the length to be cover as it is no longer possible to camp. The most demanding hikes are those in the National park, but of-course they can be adjusted to the groups physical condition.

Day 1 Bogota – Cocuy (2630 m)
Day 2 Trekking: Cerro Monserrate (3810 m)
Day 3 Trekking: Pico del Aguila (4020 m)
Day 4 Trekking: Devil’s Pulpit viewpoint (4650 m)
Day 5 Trekking: Laguna Grande de la Sierra (4514 m)
Day 6 Trekking: Ritacuba Blanco’s glacier (4595 m)
Day 7 Cocuy – Bogotá


– Due to the new National park authorities’ regulations in terms of the number of visitor per day per trail, It is very important to book the trip well in advance to avoid any access inconveniences. We advise to avoid, if possible, the periods between December 25th to January 15th, Eastern week and Autumn break in October (please consult the exact dates, as they change from year to year).

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