Cotopaxi 5897 m – 5 Days

ECU-12 / 5-day trip / GradeF

Cotopaxi 5897 m

Cotopaxi (5897 m) is the highest active volcano in the world and easily recognizable due to its cone shape. It is beautifully located on the Eastern range, between the valley known as the “Avenue of the Volcanoes” and the Amazon basin.

Due to its location, on clear days the view over the neighboring valleys and volcanoes is stunning . An experience not to be missed!

In line with our philosophy, the programs described below are designed to achieve a degree of acclimatization while enjoying the climb of other summits. The goal is to be well trained and acclimatized, in order to have the best possible options during the summit bid. In this program the ascents prior to Cotopaxi are progressive and all aim to provide a good overall experience while visiting different locations.

Day 1 Climb: Pasochoa Volcano (4164 m)
Day 2 Ilinizas – Nuevos Horizontes hut (4677 m)
Day 3 Climb North Iliniza Volcano (5126 m)
Day 4 Cotopaxi – Glacier training (4990 m)
Day 5 Climb: Cotopaxi Volcano (5897 m)
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