Cuyabeno Reserve

ECU-90 & 91 / 4- & 5-day trips

Cuyabeno Reserve (+)

The Amazon contains the world’s largest rainforest (5,5 million km2) and represents over 50% of the remaining rainforest in the world. The rainforest lies between the Atlantic ocean and extends all the way up the slopes of the Andes mountain range, why it is relatively easily accessed from Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

Although only a very small part of the Amazon rainforest is situated within Ecuador, the Cuyabeno Natural Reserve is one of the best preserved and most interesting parts of the Amazon. A mix of flooded and non-flooded forest makes the Cuyabeno an extremely species rich forest and you will encounter many species of monkeys, dolphins, rodents, caymans, amazing parrots and other birds and much more.

Cuyabeno Reserve / 4 days

ECU-90 / 4-day trip

Jungle: Cuyabeno Reserve (Add-on) 6

Day 1 Quito – Lago Agrio – Cuyabeno
Day 2 Cuyabeno
Day 3 Cuyabeno
Day 4 Cuyabeno – Quito

Cuyabeno Reserve / 5 days

ECU-91 / 5-day trip

As ECU-90 (see description above), but with one extra day canoeing in the Canangueno Lagoon.

Day 1 Quito – Lago Agrio – Cuyabeno
Day 2 Cuyabeno
Day 3 Cuyabeno
Day 4 Canangueno Lagoon
Day 5 Cuyabeno – Quito
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