Santa Cruz Classic Trek

PER-07b / 6-day trip / Grade: T2

Santa Cruz Classic Trek 1

The Santa Cruz trek is no doubt is one of the most popular trekking routes in the Cordillera Blanca. This 4-day trek follows La Quebrada Santa Cruz (Quebrada means, river valley) into a world of high summits, where some of the most famous peaks are to be found: Alpamayo, Artesonraju, Quitaraju and Taulliraju, just to name a few. The itinerary ascents from the settlement of Cashapampa (2930 m), passing many colorful lakes, high waterfalls and hanging glaciers, up to its highest point: Punta Union mountain pass (4768 m). This pass is an incredible spot between two valleys, with a breathtaking view! From this point the trail drops into the Yurma River valley (3398 m) to end at the settlement of Vaqueria.
To finish, an unforgettable road trip by the Llanganuco valley, which houses another group of well-know summits like: Chopicalqui, Pisco, Chacraraju, Huandoys and Huascarans, the hisghest mountain in Peru.

Day 1 Arrival in Huaraz, Peru (3005 m)
Day 2 Churup lake (4445 m)
Day 3 Llamacorral (3760 m)
Day 4 Taullipampa campsite (4148 m)
Day 5 Punta Union mountain pass (4768 m)
Day 6 Vaqueria & back to Huaraz
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