Classic Summits: Ishinca, Urus & Tocllaraju

PER-10 / 12-day trip / Grade: AD

PEAKS: Ishinca (5530 m) – Urus (5495 m) – Tocllaraju (6032 m)

The Cordillera Blanca in Peru offers some of the best treks and climbs in the world. It has one of the biggest concentration of 5000 and 6000 meters peaks in the Andes, with some famous and iconic mountains like: Alpamayo, Huascaran, Huandoys, Chacraraju and Huantsan, just to name a few. Beside these famous summits, there is wide spectrum of mountains and valleys that provide endless opportunities to do fascinating mountain activities at all levels. Our Classic Summits program visits the Ishinca valley, where there are a variety of peaks of great beauty that provide very interesting climbs. This area is a perfect spot to get a great acclimatization on the well-know summits of Ishinca and Urus, before attempting the amazing Tocllaraju peak with its 6032 meters of altitude.

Day 1 Arrival in Lima, Peru
Day 2 Lima – Huaraz (3005 m)
Day 3 Hike to Lake 69 (4397 m)
Day 4 Ishinca Base Camp (4350 m)
Day 5 Glacier training on Ishinca (5120 m)
Day 6 Climb: Ishinca Peak (5530 m)
Day 7 Climb: Urus Peak (5495 m)
Day 8 Rest day at base camp (4350 m)
Day 9 Tocllaraju’s High Camp (5090 m)
Day 10 Climb: Tocllaraju Peak (6032 m)
Day 11 Back to Huaraz
Day 12 Huaraz – Lima & departure
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