Huascaran 6768 M

PER-12 / 8-day trip / Grade: ED

PEAKS: Huascaran (6768 m)

Huascaran 6768 m 3

Huascaran is the highest mountain in Cordillera Blanca and Peru. It’s part of Huascaran’s massif with the the North and South summits. The south summit is highest of both peaks and the most frequented climb. Our itinerary follows the Garganta route on the North West flank of the mountain and normal route to the mountain. Huascaran is not only an extremely high mountain but also a demanding one. We advise you to considered this program as an extension to other significant climbs in the area, which will increase the summit possibilities and enjoyment of ascent.

Day 0 Arrival in Huaraz (3005 m) or climbing extension
Day 1 Huascaran’s Base Camp (4200 m)
Day 2 High Camp (4950 m)
Day 3 Camp I (5430 m)
Day 4 Camp II (5980 m)
Day 5 Climb: Huascaran (6768 m)
Day 6 Reserve day for summit attempt
Day 7 Back to Huascaran’s BC (4200 m)
Day 8 Hike to Musho (3050 m) and Huaraz
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