PER-13 / 15-day trip / Grade: AD

TREK: Classic Santa Cruz Trek
: Pisco (5752 m) & Chopicalqui (6354 m)

Santa Cruz Trek, Pisco & Chopicalqui

In this program we combine various classic itineraries from Cordillera Blanca, into one program. It begins with the classic Santa Cruz trek from Cashapampa to Vaqueria over, Punta Union pass, building a solid acclimatization while enjoying one of the most beautiful and panoramic treks in the range.

The second part of the program, aims at climbing two of the most iconic peaks in the Llanganuco Valley: Pisco (5725 m) and Chopicalqui (6354 m). Pisco is a very straightforward climb, which provides a great experience and improves the acclimatization as preparation for the final goal: Chopicalqui. This last summit is a very aesthetic and demanding 6000-meter climb, located beside the Huascarans. It resembles a pyramid with quite steep faces, but a Southwest ridge being the most accessible of them all. It is rated as AD and very popular due to its quick access and fairly reasonable difficulty. The climb is very exiting and with amazing landscapes guaranteed!

Day 1 Arrival in Lima, Peru
Day 2 Lima – Huaraz (3005 m)
Day 3 Churup lake (4445 m)
Day 4 Llamacorral (3760 m)
Day 5 Taullipampa campsite (4148 m)
Day 6 Punta Union mountain pass (4768 m)
Day 7 Vaqueria & Yuraccorral camp (3800 m)
Day 8 Pisco high camp (4672 m)
Day 9 Climb: Pisco (5752 m)
Day 10 Yuraccorral – Rest day (3883 m)
Day 11 Chopicalqui base camp (4978 m)
Day 12 Chopicalqui high camp (5300 m)
Day 13 Climb: Chopicalqui (6354 m)
Day 14 Back to Huaraz
Day 15 Huaraz – Lima
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