Peru’s Southern Volcanoes – Cordillera Volcanica

PER-15 / 12-day trip / Grade: PD

PEAKS: Chachani Volcano (6075 m) – Coropuna Volcano (6425 m)

Peru's Southern Volcanoes

The “Cordillera Volcanica” is within the five major mountain range is Peru and the Southern most of them all, located close to the city of Arequipa. This range has the third highest summit in the country: Coropuna volcano (6425 m), as well as a wide repertoire of high volcanoes, many of them with very good access to mountaineers. Due to the volcanic nature of these mountain, most of them have a conic shape and, therefore, offer high altitude ascents but not technically difficult; making them a perfect place for those who want to try high peaks for the first time or trekkers eager to get higher. Anyway, for those looking for more challenging climbs, there are also good summits to try luck on. On top of this spectrum of mountains, the famous Colca Canyon is located right at the foot of these giants, making it one of the deepest canyons in the world and, as part of the acclimatization, there is a visit to this amazing place and also to the base of Nevado Miami, one of the main sources of the Amazon River is.

Day 1 Arrival in Lima, Peru
Day 2 Arequipa Full day City tour (2335 m)
Day 3 Colca Canyon (3635 m)
Day 4 Acclimatisation tour: Nevado Mismi (5672 m)
Day 5 Cruz del Condor & Chachani base camp (5175 m)
Day 6 Climb: Chachani volcano (6075 m)
Day 7 Arequipa (2335 m) – rest day
Day 8 Coropuna’s base camp (5150 m)
Day 9 Coropuna’s high camp (5554 m)
Day 10 Climb: Coropuna Volcano (6425 m)
Day 11 Back to Arequipa (2335 m)
Day 12 Departure
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