Cordillera Volcanica – Misti (5825 m) & Chachani Volcanoes (6075 m)

PER-17 / 11-day trip / Grade: F

PEAKS: Misti Volcano (5825 m) – Chachani Volcano (6075 m)

Misti (5825 m) & Chachani Volcanoes (6075 m)

The “Cordillera Volcanica” is within the five major mountain range is Peru and the Southern most of them all, located close to the city of Arequipa. This range has a wide repertoire of high volcanoes, many of them with very good access to mountaineers. Due to the volcanic nature of these mountain, most of them have a conic shape and, therefore, offer high altitude ascents but not technically difficult; making them a perfect place for those who want to try high peaks for the first time or trekkers eager to get higher.

This program combines an acclimatization 3 days trek in the famous Colca Canyon, before heading out to 2 of the most iconic summits in the range: Misti Volcano (5825 m) with its perfect conic shape and Chachani volcano (6075 m), both of them demanding altitude hikes, but technically easy. These mountains are situated right above the city of Arequipa.

Day 1 Arrival in Lima, Peru
Day 2 Arequipa Full day City tour (2335 m)
Day 3 San Juan de Chuccho (2395 m)
Day 4 El Oasis (2285 m)
Day 5 Cabanaconde (3287 m) – Chivay (3635 m)
Day 6 Misti’s base camp (4100 m)
Day 7 Misti’s high camp (4800 m)
Day 8 Climb: Misti volcano (5825 m)
Day 9 Chachani’s base camp (5100 m)
Day 10 Climb: Chachani volcano (6075 m)
Day 11 Departure
Day 1

Arrival in Lima, Peru
Reception at the airport and transfer to hotel.
Night in hotel.

Day 2

Arequipa Full day City tour (2335 m)
Arequipa the second most important city in Peru, known as the white city for the light colors of its colonial facades, due to the material extracted from “El Sillar” quarry. Also with a reputation as a cultural hot spot, having many of the countries best Universities and cultural movements. In the morning the group will be picked up for a guided city tour in the well preserved colonial downtown. During the tour there will be a stop at the lovely “Plaza de Armas” (main square) to see some of the best examples of the beautiful architecture of its glorious colonial time. The Cathedral is also worth a visit, being a great example of the Church’s wealth and power. The Jesuit “Compañia de Jesus” church’s quarters is a great colonial building in very good conditions. There will be a visit to one of the most interesting religious places: The Santa Catalina de Siena convent, built in 1579 and considered the most important colonial construction in the city. Here women from different social backgrounds enter to follow a live of devotions and isolation, never to leave again. The convent is a city within a city and a good example of how social difference where present even in such a place, reflected in the private cells where the nuns lived. It is also a great religious art museum.
The tour will visit, maybe the most interesting museum: “Museo de Santuarios Andinos”, which houses the mummy known as “Juanita”, the body of a sacrificed Inca young girl found in the summit of the Ampato volcano. The incredibly well-preserved state in which she was found, has been a great source of information for the scientist, plus all the archeological artifact that surrounded her and the other mummies.
There will be free time in the afternoon to enjoy the city by own hand, a good opportunity to walk around the streets and plazas in the historical district. The “Mirador de Yanahuara” is a perfect spot to end the day, watching the sun set from this vintage point overlooking the city and the Misti and Chachani volcanoes.
Night in hotel.
Included meals: Breakfast

Day 3

San Juan de Chuccho (2395 m)
Very early departure from Arequipa, around 5 AM, driving (3 h) towards the Colca canyon . The road trip goes over the highlands passing by the Chachani volcano and heading Northeast to the “Mirador de los Volcanes” (4866 m), highest spot along the road, and descending to the town of Chivay, the most important town in the Colca canyon. Then following a road that runs parallel to the Colca river, down to the famous “Cruz del Condor” view point. This place is where the wide canyon turns into a narrow gorge of almost 1000 meter deep and the best spot to see the condors flying. In the morning is the best time, due to the ascendant thermal currents, which create the perfect scenery for these amazing bird to fly. It is a unique experience!
After this stop, the trip continue to the town of Cabanaconde (3287 m), the place where the Colca trek starts. There will be a short stop to get a bite and do he last preparations for the trek. After all the logistics are ready, the group will start the hike from Pampa de San Miguel, taking a very well marked trail down into the Colca Canyon. The hike has amazing landscapes down into the valley and on the settlements on the other side. The descent is quite long and at certain spots, it can be quite steep, but always on a good trail. It takes about 3-4 hours to reach the southern margin the river, then a short ascent to the hanging bridge to cross over to the other side and then 30 min. up to a local settlement called San Juan de Chuccho that is the day’s goal. The lodge is located on a slope by the river with a great view.
Night in local lodge
Descent: 972 m / Ascent: 80 m / Activity duration: 4-5 h
Included meals: Breakfast, Picnic, Dinner

Day 4

El Oasis (2285 m)
A relaxing morning and after breakfast the team will retake yesterday’s trail and continue ascending to the settlement of Cosnirhua, from where the terrain flattens out traversing by a dirt road to the neighboring settlement of Malata (2686 m), the highest point of the day. At the end of the settlement, the group will take again the old trail and descent back to the Colca river, crossing by another hanging bridge to the opposite margin reaching Sangalle, better known as “El Oasis” settlement. The night will be spend at this great location, a perfect place to relax and enjoy the Canyon. There are good facilities as: restaurant, a nice pool and green areas.
Night in local lodge.
Ascent: 291 m / Descent: 401 m / Highest altitude: 2686 m / Activity duration: 3-4 h
Included meals: Breakfast, Picnic, Dinner

Day 5

Cabanaconde (3287 m) – Chivay (3635 m)
An early start is a must to this demanding day. Today is time to climb back up to the town of Cabanaconde, the place where the trek started, and in this way close the circuit. The departure will very early, to avoid the hard sun and heat during the ascent. The hike will follow a different trail than the one used to descent. It is a very good trail with many switchbacks that help to gain altitude and minimize the effort. Most of the way is done on the Southern mountainside of the canyon and then the trail goes over the upper Canyon rim, considerably less steeper, to the town. Even though a demanding ascent, it is very rewarding and if walked at a good slow constant pace, it is not as hard as many might expect.
Once in town, the road trip back will begin, driving up to Chivay to spend the night at a nice lodge.
Night in hotel.
Ascent: 1002 m / Highest altitude: 3287 m / Activity duration: 3-4 h
Included meals: Breakfast, Picnic

Day 6

Misti’s base camp (4100 m)
Easy going day to recover before the climbs. Departure around 9 AM, driving back to the high plateau by the same road to Chivay and then up to the “Mirador de los Volcanes”. Lunch will be held at a restaurant over the high plateau. At an intersection, about 2 thirds of the way back to Arequipa, there is a dirt road (1,5 h) that goes to the Aguada Blanca levee. From there, a short drive to the parking place where the head of trail is 4100 meters. Base camp will be setup by the parking place.
Night in tents.
Included meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Day 7

Misti’s high camp (4800 m)
Today is a short day, but and important one as the team will move to the high camp, from where the summit bid will start. After a breakfast and packing down the camp, an easy 3-4 hours hike to base camp (4800 m), almost as high as Mont Blanc’s summit. The rest of the afternoon will be to rest and get ready for the next morning climb. There is a great view from the camp to the active Ubinas volcano (5672 m), the Aguadas Blancas Levee and part of the neighboring Chachani Volcano. The guide will do a briefing with all the relevant information for the climb.
Night in tents.
Ascent: 700 m / Highest altitude: 4800 m / Activity duration: 3-4 h
Included meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Day 8

Climb: Misti volcano (5825 m)
Early starts at around 3:00 AM, leaving base camp and heading into a long moraine with a gentle inclination and a progressive elevation gain. The ascent is demanding du to the altitude, therefore a slow pace is important. As the team get higher on the mountain, the Chachani comes in full sight and in the distance the Ampato and Coropuna volcanoes get the first lights of the day. The third upper section of the climb, the terrain get steeper following a ridge that leads up to the summit. The summit of Misti is a remembrance of past volcanic times, it has a perfect crater and to the West the Angle’s crater in between the Misti and the Chachani. Also a full view down to Arequipa. The ascent takes an average time of 6 hours and 2-3 hours, done by the same route. In high camp, a short break and then continue down for 1,5 h to the base camp/parking place, where the night will be spent at a lower altitude.
Night in tents.
Ascent: 102 m / Descent: 1425 m / Highest altitude: 2825 m / Activity duration: 10-12 h
Included meals: Breakfast, Picnic, Dinner

Day 9

Chachani’s base camp (5175 m)
Relaxing morning at base camp, after breakfast the team will pack down the camp and drive about (1 h) to Chachani’s parking place and trailhead at 5060 meters. Then a easy 2 hours hike to base camp, located on the Northern flank of the mountain at an altitude of 5175 meters. The rest of the afternoon will be to rest and get ready for the next morning climb. The guide will help with all the preparations and will provided all the needed information for the ascent.
Night in tents.
Ascent: 115 m / Highest altitude: 5175 m / Activity duration: 2-3 h / Distance: 2.7 Km
Included meals: Breakfast, Picnic, Dinner

Day 10

Climb: Chachani volcano (6075 m)
The wake up call will be around 1:00 AM aiming to leave the camp around 2:00 AM. Chachani’s ascent is 907 meters in an average 6-7 hours climb. The ascent begins crossing an almost flat area to reach a well marked trail over a sandy section which gains altitude quickly. Most of the climb goes over rocky and sandy areas with different inclinations. The switchback on the trail help to gain altitude in a relative short time. About the time when reaching the upper ridge, the dawn will begin and the view over to the Ampato, Coropuna, Urbina, Misti and Sabancaya volcanoes is outstanding. After the ridge and just before the summit, there is one of the craters, a place with something of a moon like landscape. Few meters above, the crosses that indicate the highest point of the mountain. From the top, there is a great 360 degrees panoramic view to all the major summits and down to The Valley; the city of Arequipa is visible in all its extension with the “puna” (semi desert highland) in the background.
The descent follows the same trail until a point, where a more direct route losses altitude fast until base camp. In average, it takes around 2 hours to complete the descent. Once in base camp, a short brake to recover energy, while the staff pack the camp down. Then another 1-1,5 hours, on the same trail as the day, before to the parking place. A 3 hours drive back to Arequipa to the comfort of a hotel and lower altitude.
Night in hotel.
Ascent: 900 m / Descent: 1015 m / Highest altitude: 6075 m / Activity duration: 10-12 h / Distance one-way: 2.7 Km
Included meals: Breakfast, Picnic

Day 11

Pick up at hotel and transfer out to Arequipa’s Airport (1 h), domestic flight to Lima for an international connection or domestic flight to any other destination in the country.
End of services.
Included meals: Breakfast

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  • Local English speaking UIAGM certified mountain guide from day 3 to 9
  • Private transportation throughout the entire program
  • City tour in Arequipa with English speaking guide and entry fees
  • 1 night in shared double room hotel in the city of Lima
  • 2 nights in shared double room hotel in the city of Arequipa
  • 1 night in shared double room hotel in the city of Chivay
  • 2 nights in shared dormitories in lodges in San Juan & El Oasis
  • High quality mountain tents in campsites
  • Campsite equipment with dinning tent and chair
  • Cook for the campsite
  • Porters for common and personal equipment
  • Complete first aid kit and communications
  • Entry fee to the national parks and natural reserves
  • Meals as specified in the day to day itinerary


  • Domestic and international flights
  • Personal climbing and camping equipment
  • Insurance
  • Tips
  • Everything not mentioned in the “Included” list

LIMA: Costal del Sol Wyndham Lima Airport or similar

AREQUIPA: Hotel La Casa de mi Abuela or similar

COLCA CANYON: Hotel Colca Canyon Lodge or similar


Local lodge in San Juan de Chuccho (no website) or similar
Local lodge in El Oasis (no website) or similar



Colca Canyon trek:

Misti & Chachani volcanoes:

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