Jungle: Puerto Maldonado

PER-78 & PER-79 / 4-day trips

Jungle: Puerto Maldonado

Puerto Maldonado is located at the confluence of the Tampopata and Madre de Dios River. Where those two rivers converge, a very accessible primary jungle begins. Here you can experience a magical conjugation of vibrant forest, winding rivers, and huge swamps, forming lush sustainable ecosystems, or “Aguajales”.

The Amazon jungle near Puerto Maldonado is served by excellent accommodation options for those craving a touch of luxury. It has become a very popular destination for travelers who want to experience the Peruvian jungle and its amazing biodiversity.

Andes World Travel is offering 2 different jungle tours in Puerto Maldonado.

The first one, and our choise of favorite, is taking place along the Tambopata river.

The second option is also a great option in case of a more tight budget is taking place along the Madre de Dios river.

Jungle: Tambopata River: “Refugio Amazonas tour”

PER-78 / 4-day trip

Jungle: Puerto Maldonado 2
Day 1 Arrival & Transfer to Refugio Amazonas
Day 2 Jungle activities: Oxbow Lake visit, Ethno-botanical tour and Jungle nightwalk
Day 3 Jungle activities: Parrot clay lick and mammal clay lick
Day 4 Transfer out to Puerto Maldonado & Departure

Jungle: Madre de Dios river: “Eco-adventure with Ecoamazonia lodge”

PER-79 / 4-day trip

Jungle: Puerto Maldonado 1
Day 1 Welcome – Puerto Maldonado – Lodge – Visit Cocha Caimán
Day 2 Lodge – Lake Apu Victor – Monkey Island
Day 3 Lodge – Cocha Perdida
Day 4 Transfer out to Puerto Maldonado
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