PER-90 /5-day trip / Grade: T2

Salkantay Trek 1

Incas built a huge network of trails throughout their empire, many of them concentrated on the most populated and important areas. Machu Picchu, one of the most important spots, has several different paths stretching in all directions to and from the citadel. One of them is the spectacular trail of Salkantay, which follows the beautiful Mollepata Valley, climbing up to Huayracpampa mountain pass (4460 m) and then dropping down into subtropical cloud forest, ending in the Urubamba river valley in the town of Aguas Calientes (hot springs) that is located at the base of Machu Picchu.

The name Salkantay means “Savage Mountain” in quechua language. The mountain reaches an altitude of 6271 m, flanked by impressive ridges and faces that go from the valley floor to the summit. The diversity of landscapes, flora and temperature is an important part of the experience, which resembles some of the long Himalayan treks, just in a condensed form. The landscapes along the trail and breathtaking!
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Day 1 Cusco – Soraypampa (3900 m)
Day 2 Abra Salkantay pass (4630 m) – Chaullay (2865 m)
Day 3 Lucmabamba (2130 M)
Day 4 Hidroelectrica (1830 m) – Aguas Calientes (2100 m)
Day 5 Machu Picchu (2420 m) – Return to Cusco
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