PER-96 /4-day trip / Grade: T2

Lares Trek

Incas built a huge network of trails throughout their empire, many of them concentrated on the most populated and important areas. Machu Picchu, one of the most important spots, has several different paths stretching in all directions to and from the citadel.
One of them is the spectacular trail of Lares. This is a far less visited trip than the Salcantay or Classical Inca Trail.
The hike is easy and less demanding than the Salcantay Trek as the day walks are more gentle. The landscapes stunning and as a real highlight to this tour we will pass by authentic Inca settlement Cancha Cancha, where life haven’t changed much since the Inca Empire.
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Day 1Cusco – Quishuarani
Day 2Cancha Cancha
Day 3Ollantaytambo & Aguas Calientes
Day 4Visit to Macchu Picchu – Cusco
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