Bolivar & Humboldt summits

VEN-11 / 11-day trip / GradeF

Bolivar & Humboldt summits 1

La Sierra de Merida is located in the Venezuelan Andes, and is the last of the high “glaciated” peaks in the north, just before the range disappears into the Caribbean. This small and compact group of peaks is ideal for some very nice trekking and mountain climbing, being much more accessible that those in the neighboring countries due to the lower altitude.

The Pico Bolivar, the highest mountain in Venezuela, with an altitude of 4986 m (previously measured at 5007 m) and Pico Humboldt 4940 m, second highest, are the main goals of this program.

The mountain trip starts and ends in Merida, the famous university town, from where the team will be transferred to the charming mountain village of Los Nevados, from where the mountain activities begins. The program has been design to combined a semi-circular trek with summits ascents, putting special emphasis on acclimatization. The ascent is progressive and with time for rest and adaptation to altitude. On top of that, the campsites are all located in great mountains spots to enjoy the lovely highlands and landscapes of the Northern Andes.

The program is suitable for trekkers and mountaineers, as there are no technical difficulties besides an easy scrambling to the summit of Pico Bolivar. Our guides are very experienced and highly qualified.

Day 1 Arrival in Venezuela
Day 2 Merida – Los Nevados town (2711 m)
Day 3 Chorros Humeosos (3500 m)
Day 4 La Charca (4100 m)
Day 5 Climb: Pico Bolivar (4986 m)
Day 6 Laguna Verde (3900 m)
Day 7 Climb: Pico Humbold (4940 m)
Day 8 Laguna Coromoto (3000 m)
Day 9 Mérida (1700 m)
Day 10 La Guaira
Day 11 Departure
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