Angel Falls Tour – Rappel & Trek

VEN-20 / 14-day trip / Grade: PD

Angel Falls – Rappel & Trek

The Auyantepui, located in Southern Venezuela on the Guayanas’ shield, in a geographical area known as: La Gran Sabana. It is one of the many table-like flat-topped mountains known as Tepuis and the largest of all of them with a 700 sq. km. surface. Its name translated from the Arekuna language means ”The Devil’s House”.

This massive mountain houses the world’s highest waterfall: Angel’s fall with 979 meters, as well as some of Venezuela’s deepest caves like Ahonda. Just a walk on its summit is a journey back into a prehistoric time in a remote world of caves, gorges, colorful rivers, sandstones walls twisted into the most amazing shapes and, on top of all that, an incredible endemic fauna and flora from a distant past.

In this program the trek will not only take the traveller to this fantastic world, but it will also lead to a once in a lifetime adventure: rappelling down for 2 days beside the highest waterfall in the planet and then sailing down Churun and Carrrao Rivers enjoying the most impressive view of this giant Tepui!

Day 1 Arrival in Venezuela
Day 2 La Guaira – Canaima – Uruyen/Kavac Camp (520 m)
Day 3 Guayaraca Camp (980 m)
Day 4 El Peñon Camp (1840 m)
Day 5 Piedra El Oso Camp (1800 m)
Day 6 El Dragon Camp (1600 m)
Day 7 Neblina Camp (1600 m)
Day 8 Salto Angel Camp (1600 m)
Day 9 Salto Angel Camp (1600 m) – Rest Day
Day 10 Rappel down to La Cueva ledge
Day 11 Rappel down to Isla Raton
Day 12 Canaima
Day 13 Canaima – La Guaira
Day 14 Departure from Caracas

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