Angel Falls – Rappel & Trek

VEN-20 / 15-day trip / Grade: PD

Angel Falls – Rappel & Trek

The Auyantepui, located in Southern Venezuela on the Guayanas’ shield, in a geographical area known as: La Gran Sabana. It is one of the many table-like flat-topped mountains known as Tepuis and the largest of all of them with a 700 sq. km. surface. Its name translated from the Arekuna language means ”The Devil’s House”.

This massive mountain houses the world’s highest waterfall: Angel’s fall with 979 meters, as well as some of Venezuela’s deepest caves like Ahonda. Just a walk on its summit is a journey back into a prehistoric time in a remote world of caves, gorges, colorful rivers, sandstones walls twisted into the most amazing shapes and, on top of all that, an incredible endemic fauna and flora from a distant past.

In this program the trek will not only take the traveller to this fantastic world, but it will also lead to a once in a lifetime adventure: rappelling down for 2 days beside the highest waterfall in the planet and then sailing down Churun and Carrrao Rivers enjoying the most impressive view of this giant Tepui!




Nov. 10 - 24, 2018CONFIRMEDFew spaces left
Dec. 15 - 29, 2018CONFIRMEDFew spaces left
Jan. 3 - 17, 2019Not confirmedSpaces available


NOTE: The departure will be guaranteed with a minimum of 5 persons and can have up to 8 people.

Day 1 Arrival in Venezuela
Day 2 La Guaira – Ciudad Bolivar
Day 3 Ciudad Bolivar – Uruyen/Kavac (520 m)
Day 4 Guayaraca Camp (980 m)
Day 5 El Peñon Camp (1840 m)
Day 6 Piedra El Oso Camp (1800 m)
Day 7 El Dragon Camp (1600 m)
Day 8 Neblina Camp (1600 m)
Day 9 Colibri Camp (1600 m)
Day 10 Salto Angel Camp (1600 m)
Day 11 Rappel down to La Cueva ledge
Day 12 Rappel down to Isla Raton
Day 13 Camaima
Day 14 Ciudad Bolivar – Caracas
Day 15 Departure
Day 1

Arrival in Venezuela
Arrival in Caracas’ international airport at La Guaira costal town and transfer to a nearby hotel.
Night in hotel.

Day 2

La Guaira – Ciudad Bolivar
After breakfast road trip (9 h) to the city of Ciudad Bolivar. The group will stay at a hotel close to the airport for next day’s early flight to La Gran Sabana.
Nights in hotel.
Included meals: Breakfast

Day 3

Ciudad Bolivar – Uruyen/Kavac Camp (520 m)
Early transfer to Ciudad Bolivar´s domestic airport.  Flight (Cessna 206 aircraft) from Ciudad Bolívar to Uruyen/Kavac camp (1,5 h), which is located on the southeast skirts of Auyantepuy. Upon arrival, visit to the Yurwan River’ canyon, ideal spot to enjoy a light lunch and take a dip.
On the afternoon preparations for the expedition. Nights in dormitory.
Included meals: Breakfast, Box lunch, Dinner

Day 4

Guayaraca Camp (980 m)
Start of a trek into one of the most amazing places on earth and the house of the highest waterfall in the world: Angle’s fall. First the group will be driven 15 minutes in 4WD vehicles a place where there is a river crossing to reach the indigenous settlement of Santa Marta. The hike follows a series of trails that stretches over the flat savannas that surround the Auyantepuy’s massive. The hike is not specially demanding, but very enjoyable, as the terrain is mostly flat. Anyway the distance to cover is quite long and the heat can be a bit tough to deal with. The only ascent will be at the end of the day, ascending up to the first terrace to reach Guayaraca camp. Night in tents.
Ascent: 460 m / Activity duration: 4-5 h
Included meals: Breakfast, Box lunch, Dinner

Day 5

El Peñon Camp (1840 m)
After a good breakfast the trail will continue over a smaller savanna on top of the first terrace. The vegetation will begin to change from a knee-high grass into a denser and exuberant cloud forest with higher trees. The ascent is more pronounce that the one from the day before and it will end by the sandstone boulder know El Peñón, where the camp will be set up. The afternoon is to enjoy the very nice location of the campsite and the views over the low savanna and the impressive rock faces of the Tepuy. Night in tents.
Ascent: 860 m / Activity duration: 4-5 h
Included meals: Breakfast, Box lunch, Dinner

Day 6

Piedra El Oso camp (1800 m)
oday the aim is to finish the ascent and reach the upper ridge of the Auyantepui, crossing over into the summit plateau, which is above the steep rock faces. The hike starts passing through a garden of sandstone boulders and endemic vegetation of the Tepui’s ecosystems. After a constant gain in altitude, the “Corredeor de las palomas” or pigeons’s alley in English will be reached. This alley is located at the base of the rock walls of the Auyantepuy; the ascent will follow a trail between the great sandstone towers, reaching a place know as “El Libertador”, which is the summit of the Tepuy, at an altitude of 2510 m and this will about 3-4 hours. Here a good break of the day’s activity will be taken to enjoy the place and a good lunch. From this point, the trail will lead into the Tepuy’s inner plateau, finally reaching Piedra El Oso camp after a 3 hours hike. Night in tents.
Ascent: 710 m / Descent: 710 m / Highest altitude: 2510 m / Activity duration: 6-7 h
Included meals: Breakfast, Box lunch, Dinner

Day 7

El Dragon Camp (1600 m)
The plateau of Autantepuy is like travelling back in time to the geological begging planet earth. The only element missing here is a dinosaur coming out of one of the many gorges. The rock bed is very nice to walk on and the obstacles like huge gorges, small rock walls and rock crevasses make the hike interesting and fun. Most of the trail today is walking downwards, but it will take a while to sort the way out through the maze.
Descent: 200 m / Activity duration: 4 h
Included meals: Breakfast, Box lunch, Dinner

Day 8

Neblina Camp (1600 m)
After an easy going day and having rest well, the group will continue its way over the plateau and through the never ending Jurassic world permanently looking for cairns and the best passages. The beautiful colored rivers and estrange vegetation are an experience in itself. The next stop is Niebla camp. Night in tents.
Ascent: 0 m / Activity duration: 4-5 h
Included meals: Breakfast, Box lunch, Dinner

Day 9

Colibri Camp (1600 m)
Relaxing day, not to long, to Colibri camp. This is the last camp before reaching the edge of the Tepi and getting closer to the most adventurous part of this amazing trip: Angel Falls’ waterfall. Night in tents.
Ascent: 0 m / Activity duration: 3-4 h
Included meals: Breakfast, Box lunch, Dinner

Day 10

Salto Angel Camp (1600 m)
This is the last trek’s day on the Auyantepuy’s summit. The hike is quite long; even though there will be not that much gain in altitude, but quite some distance to cover. The goal it to reach the camp located close to the rim, just on top of the Angel’s fall. The route will be very close to Kerepacupai Merú River, the same that drops forming the great Angel’s fall. After setting the camp up, there will be an extensive preparation of all the technical gear for the rappels. The guides will go through all the participants’ personal gear and have everything extra checked so nobody is in doubt of the itinerary, procedures and schedule to be followed. Night in tents.
Ascent-Descent: 0 m / Activity duration: 7-8 h
Included meals: Breakfast, Picnic, Dinner

Day 11

Rappel: Down to La Cueva ledge
Now the great adventure starts, almost 1000 meters of rappels beside Angel’s fall! It will be an early start after a good breakfast. The day before, the guides have already prepared a good deal of the technical gear to have everything ready for the morning start. First the group will move to the Angle’s fall river and follow it closely until the rim, here all the technical all party members will gear up and be ready to follow the guides’ instructions. The rappels will be done on the left margin of the waterfall and will slightly drift away from it towards the left, as the groups descend the wall.
The first day consist of 450 meters descend that will take about 8 hours. The procedure it slow and takes time, so patience is an important element on this section of the trip. The goal is to reach a huge ledge on the wall known as La Cueva (The Cave) due to its concave shape. Once on the ledge, the staff will help all participants to setup the bivouac and then proceed to get the gear ready for next day. This will be one of the most incredible places to have dinner in your life, certainly with a once in a lifetime view!
Look in the picture gallery for the rappelling overview, where it says Bivouac, it is the sleeping place on the descend.
Night on the ledge in sleeping bag.
Descent: 450 m / Activity duration: 7-8 h
Included meals: Breakfast, Box lunch, Dinner

Day 12

Rappel: Down to Isla Raton
Another early morning start. Once having packed the gear, the team will move down, hiking through an inclined forest on the big ledge until the next rappel. From this point the group will rappel about 500 meters until the base of Angel’s fall. Here a lot of work is waiting for the team, as they have to pack everything for descending down to the Isla Raton camp. A big celebration for all the team, now looking back up to the gigantic wall and the worked done! Night in hammocks.
Descent: 500 m / Activity duration: 7-8 h
Included meals: Breakfast, Box lunch, Dinner

Day 13

Now that the action part of the trip is over, it is time for the great sightseeing. After a good rest, the curiaras, name for the long river boats of the area, will pick the team up and sail down the Churum River for 5 hours, getting some of the best panoramic views to the Angel’s fall and most of the Auyantepuy impressive wall. This sail trip is a rewarding and relaxing end to an adventure of this type. The Churum River will meet the Carrao River and after a short ride there will be the indigenous settlement of Canaima, the end of trip, as well as the place from where most tourist sail out land to see the famous waterfall.
The group will be taken to a nice place to stay and after lunch there will be an excursion sailing in the Canaima lagoon and then 20-minute hike to “El Sapo” waterfall, a place famous for being famous for being popular with professional Venezuelan photographers.
Night in hostel.
Activity duration: 5-6 h
Included meals: Breakfast, Box lunch, Dinner

Day 14

Ciudad Bolivar – Caracas
In the morning, the group will be transfer to the local airport and take a flight back to Ciudad Bolivar. Once in Ciudad Bolivar, a transport will be waiting to take (9 h) the team back to Caracas/La Guaira. Night in a hotel close to Caracas’ international airport at La Guajira costal town. Night in hotel.
Included meals: Breakfast

Day 15

Transfer out to airport for international flight.
Included meals: Breakfast

VEN-20 – Prices per person in USD in shared international group with fix departure dates. Dates will be 100% confirmed once the minimum number of people is reached (5 persons).
Prices valid until 31.03.2019.
Price per persons traveling in a shared international group1900
Private porter during the trek – Carries up to max. 15 kg.110
Rental: Rappeling equipment65
Single room supplement180
Single tent supplement120
NOTE: The departure will be guaranteed with a minimum of 5 PAX and can have up to 8 PAX.

NOTE: Due to the current political and financial situation in Venezuela, this price is subjected to change.

VEN-20 – Prices per person in USD for PRIVATE GROUP / On request.


  • 2 local mountain guides during the entire program up to 8 people
  • All airport-hotel-airport transfers
  • 2 nights in shared double room in hotel in near Caraca’s airport
  • 1 night in shared double room in hotel in Ciudad Bolivar
  • 1 night in shared dormitory with bunks beds in Uruyen camp
  • 1 night in shared double room in hostel in Canaima
  • 7 nights in shared double tents while on the mountain
  • 1 night in a bivouac during the rappels
  • 1 night in hammocks in Raton camp
  • Indigenous community fee
  • Canaima National Park fee
  • Private land transportation
  • Domestic flight tickets according to the program
  • High quality mountain tents – 2 PAX per tent
  • Porters for group campsite equipment and food
  • First aid kit and satellite phone
  • Group common campsite and cooking equipment
  • Meals as specified in the day to day itinerary


  • Domestic and international flights
  • Separate airport transfers in case of multiple arrival/departures
  • Private porters for personal equipment (Private porters can be arrange and they carry up to 15 kg. The bag/backpack has to be provided by the client)
  • Personal climbing/rappelling gear (Can also be rented through us)
  • Personal expenses
  • Insurance
  • Tips
  • Meals not mentioned in the program
  • Everything not mentioned in the “Included” list

LA GUAIRAHotel Ole Caribe or similar

CIUDAD BOLIVARHotel Casa Real or similar

CANAIMA: Posada Morichal (no website)





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