Roraima Tepui Trek

VEN-21 / 11-day trip / Grade: T2

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Roraima is an extraordinary and mysterious table-shaped tepui, with a flat summit and astonishing vertical walls. It is located at the southeastern extreme border of Venezuela, marking the place where our territory meets Brazil and the Esequibo. The extensive southern section of the plateau belongs to Venezuela, being the highest tepui in Venezuelan territory at 2,810 m. The rainfall waters over Roraima flow with the small Arabopó River, among others, into the river Kukenan, which in turn is one of the sources of the Caroní River. Black, abundant waters that finally feed the huge Orinoco River. Roraima is also known as the Crystal Mountains, due to the “valley of the crystals” that lies on its summit, which in due to an abundance of quartz.

Day 1 Arrival in Venezuela
Day 2 La Guaira – Puerto Ordaz
Day 3 Paraitepui
Day 4 Tokwono Camp
Day 5 Roraima’s Base Camp
Day 6 Roraima’s high plateau
Day 7 Hike on Roraima’s summit
Day 8 Base camp & Tokwono Camp
Day 9 Paraitepui – Puerto Ordaz
Day 10 Puerto Ordaz – Caracas
Day 11 Departure
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