Kukenan Tepui Trek

VEN-22 / 10-day trip / Grade: T2

Kukenan Tepui Trek

Kukenan Tepui (flat-topped mountain with vertical walls) is located in the “Gran Sabana” in the southeast of Venezuela. This is one of those hidden jewels standing just beside its famous neighbor: Roraima tepui. Kukenan is seldom visited due to its difficult and demanding access and the logistics it implies. But is a well-rewarded effort, standing in such a pristine place. The endemic flora and fauna, plus the astounding views from the summits are a lifetime experience.

Kukenan has an altitude of 2300 meters with an amazing 675 meters waterfall, one of the highest in the Gran Sabana. The weather can be quite extreme and changeable on this mountain; therefore it is advisable to choose the dry period for the trek.

This trip is worth every step of the way, specially for those looking for an off-the-beaten trail adventure!

Day 1 Arrival in Venezuela’s Gran Sabana
Day 2 Paraitepui
Day 3 Tokwono Camp
Day 4 Kukenan’s Base Camp
Day 5 Kukenan’s high plateau
Day 6 Hike to “La Gran Grieta” (The Big Gorge)
Day 7 “La Gran Grieta” – Rest day
Day 8 Back to Kukenan’s base camp
Day 9 Paraitepui – Puerto Ordaz
Day 10 Caracas & Departure
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