Nevado del Tolima Volcano 5221 M by the Quindio River Valley

COL-20a / 6-day trip / Grade: F

Tropical Snow Peaks & Lost City 1

The snowcapped Nevado Tolima volcano (5221 m) is situated in Los Nevados National Park on the central Andes range, in the traditional coffee area of Colombia. This beautiful conic volcano stands out from a wide volcanic plateau, and is one of the three major summits in the park. The ascent is one of the most varied and beautiful in the country, with the trek starting in the lovely Cocora valley (2425 m) and going all the way up to icy summit (5221 m). During the hike, it is possible to experience the different thermic floors, temperatures, flora and fauna. The trek is challenging due to the long distances, but it is worth every step of the way. The itinerary is designed aiming to achieve a much better acclimatization, a progressive ascent, resulting in higher chances to reach the summit. In addition to the climb, the coffee culture of the area enriches the experience and can be enjoyed at the beginning and end of the program. This is a trip not to be missed!

Day 1 Bogotá – Salento (1919 m)
Day 2 Trekking: “La Argentina” farm (3483 m)
Day 3 Trekking: “La Primavera” farm (3769 m)
Day 4 Trekking: Tolima’s high camp (4345 m)
Day 5 Climb: Tolima Volcano (5221 m)
Day 6 Salento – Bogotá
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