Off The Beaten Trails in Ecuador

ECU-61-LT / 12-day trip / Grade: T2

Trekking: From Angamarca to Insilivi by Quilotoa’s Crater Lake
Trekking peaks: Pasochoa Volcano (4164 m) – Fuya-Fuya (4100 m)

The Forgotten Western Valleys 2

The Ecuadorian Andes region, with its numerous volcanoes at different altitudes, gorgeous nature and exotic indigenous villages and cultures, makes trekking here the experience of a lifetime.

On this 12-day itinerary we offer you an excellent acclimatization program, including a trekking program in an absolutely beautiful, authentic and remote area, which is rarely visited by other tourists or mountaineers. After the trek, the itinerary goes north to the region of Otavalo, to ascend up to a lovely summit called Fuya-Fuya, followed by a visit to the Otavalo market and the archeological ruins of Chocasqui.

We provide excellent professional guides, equipment, good accommodation, transportation, food, etc. Also, we recommend that you take a look at our extensions trips–these will add to your adventure and show you some of the natural wealth and variety a small country like Ecuador has to offer.

Day 1 Arrival in Quito
Day 2 City tour in Quito (2800 m)
Day 3 Climb: Pasochoa Volcano (4164 m)
Day 4 Trekking: Los Pinos campsite (3300 m)
Day 5 Trekking: Pigua campsite (4073 m))
Day 6 Trekking: Quilotoa Crater Lake (3900 m)
Day 7 Trekking: Chugchilan town (3198 m))
Day 8 Trekking: Insilivi town (3000 m)
Day 9 Town of Otavalo (2600 m)
Day 10 Climb: Fuya-Fuya Volcano (4100 m)
Day 11 Otavalo’s market & Cochasqui’s ruins
Day 12 Departure
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