Colombia’s Caribbean Coast

COL-44 / 14-day trip

Caribbean Coast 3

Colombias Caribbean coastline is more than 1800 km long and its not only home to the country’s best beaches, but also to 3 different Indian tribes, a vast dessert, the highest Coast Mountain Range in the world, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Caribbean Bounty Islands and to some of the most important Colonial cities in the continent, Santa Marta, Cartagena and Mompox.

All that and much more will be visited during this complete Caribbean Journey.

Day 1 Arrival to Bogota
Day 2 Guajira Desert & Punta Gallina
Day 3 Guajira Desert & Cabo la Vela
Day 4 Guajira Desert & Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
Day 5 Tayrona National Park
Day 6 Visit to Indian Tribes & Santa Marta 
Day 7 Santa Marta & city tour
Day 8 Cartagena & city walk
Day 9 Cartagena & city tour
Day 10 Mompox
Day 11 Mompox & city tour
Day 12 Golfo de Morosquillo & Beach 
Day 13 Optional tour to San Bernardo Islands 
Day 14 Departure

– Due to new local indigenous communities’ regulations from 2022 the Tayrona National Park will close three times a year in the following periods:

* February 1st to 15th
* June 1st to 15th
* October 19th to November 2nd

COVID-19: Due to the current pandemic, please take the dates above as a guideline, as they might come more restriction according to the National Health institute and/or indigenous local authorities.

If you are planning your trip around these dates, please confirm with us the closure dates as they might change from year to year.

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