Churup Lake – Day Hike

PER-06 / 1-day trip / Grade: T1

PER-06 / Churup Lake – Cordillera Blanca – Churup seen from Huaraz (photo: Juan Carlos Gonzalez)

The Churup lake is one of the most popular acclimatization day-hikes in the Cordillera Blanca, due to the closeness to Huaraz. It is a great first walk in altitude surrounded by great summits and landscapes.

Day 1

Churup lake (4445 m)
This day hike is one of the classic acclimatization itineraries in the Cordillera Blanca. The Churup peak is located close to Huaraz and can be seen from town. It is ideal to gain a good amount of altitude in a day and return back to Huaraz to sleep low. From Huaraz transfer (1:30 h) to Pitec’s trailhead (3660 m), from this place a very well maintained handmade trail begins its ascent following a ridge that gains altitude quite fast. Soon the handmade trail turns into a mountain trail, as it takes the northern side of the Churup River valley. The ascent gets steeper from this point and a bit demanding. Once on a wide plateau, a well deserved rest, before climbing up the last section where a bit of very easy scrambling secured by a good set of wires lead to a easy last section ending by the shores of the lake at 4447 m. The rocky lake’s shores are a great spot to have a bite while enjoying the amazing sight to the Churup peak. For those who want to challenge themself, it is possible to hike further up 45 minutes to the Churupita lake, right on the moraine (please check this possibility with your guide, as sometimes it is not accesible). The descent follows the same trail and takes an average time of 1,5 h.
Ascent & descent: 605 m / Highest Altitude: 4445 m / Activity duration: 5-6 h / Distance one-way: 3,1 Km.

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