Bolivian Summits

BOL-10 / 18-day trip / Grade: AD

Peaks: Austria Peak (5300 m) > Pequeño Alpamayo (5450 m) > Huayna Potosi (6094 m) > Ilimani (6462 m)

Bolivian Summits 2

Cordillera Real in Bolivia is known as “New World’s Himalaya.” This amazing mountain range has some of the highest and most beautiful peaks in the entire Andes mountain range. Examples are the beautiful triangular Huayna Potosi, the aesthetic Pequeño Alpamayo (named after the famous Alpamayo in Peru, due of its impressive appearance and route) and the iconic Illimani 6462 m, the highest mountain in the Cordillera Real and ultimate aim for this expedition.

Day 1 Arrival in La Paz (3600 m)
Day 2 La Paz – Walking city tour
Day 3 Copacabana (3900 m)
Day 4 The Sun’s island (4065 m)
Day 5 Condoriri massif – Tuni Campsite (4350 m)
Day 6 Condoriri base camp (4650 m)
Day 7 Climb: Austria Peak (5300 m)
Day 8 Glacier training (4800 m)
Day 9 Climb: Pequeño Alpamayo (5450 m)
Day 10 Huayna Potosi lower mountain refuge (4790 m)
Day 11 Huayna Potosi’s high camp (5180 m)
Day 12 Climb: Huayna Potosi (6094 m)
Day 13 Spare summit day for Huayna Potosi
Day 14 Ilimani’s Base camp (4460 m)
Day 15 Ilimani’s high camp (5420 m)
Day 16 Climb: Ilimani (6462 m)
Day 17 Back to La Paz
Day 18 Departure
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